What industries need seo the most?


Nearly every type of business can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO). Like any other form of marketing it will depend on the level of investment you put in, and the level of return you can get back out.

2020 has already shown us that high organic placements can deliver unprecedented brand awareness and traffic growth for almost all industries at the time of lockdown. (Travel could be a notable contrast to this pattern.)

For any product or service, someone is searching for what you offer. The trick is to match what people search for (the keywords) with your website.

With an effective SEO strategy in place, any business can increase brand awareness from search engine listings, and drive site traffic and associated revenues.

Here are some of the industries that could benefit from SEO


The rise in Direct to Consumer (DTC) retailing offers brands a chance to sell directly to the consumer. To connect with potential customers, retailers will need to create and maintain a successful SEO strategy.

The potential returns are a direct path between consumers searching, and retailers offering the matching products or services. Quite literally, direct to consumer.

Financial Services

As online banking and financial services become normal, so consumers will want to find new services or shop around for better deals and rates.

With potentially high cost per click for competitive terms including ‘loans’, organic search can offer a great potential to deliver cost-effective leads.

As Google starts to offer more answers to questions (instead of search results) so financial services have the chance to educate and inform future customers as they start their research.


At the time of writing, travel seems like the last industry that needs SEO. However, consumers have turned to search for support in cancelling or changing their travel plans.

Search demand for key terms like flights and holidays may be lower now but there are still intrepid searchers looking for cheap deals or making future travel plans. They will be searching for inspiration and information. Success with SEO could connect those searchers with travel brands that could forge long term relationships for when travel resumes.

Health & Fitness

In the UK, Search demand for home gym equipment, dumbbells and leggings rocketed as consumers started planning fitness routines at home during the lockdown. We also saw a leap in search demand for vitamin d.

These searches were not just for products but also for ideas and inspiration - how to stay healthy in lockdown, how to work out in your living room. Smart brands that capitalised on these search trends, by supporting consumers (not just selling to them) will have seen great value their SEO.

Pet Care & Pet Food

Like DTC retailers, pet food can now be bought online and delivered to your door. In the UK alone, the pet food industry was worth £2.7 in 2018. Consumers are searching for pet food, cat food, dry dog food and wet dog food as they look to keep their animals healthy.

SEO for the Pet Food Industry is another key opportunity to bridge the gap between consumer demand (search), brand awareness and traffic/revenue generation.


The FMCG industry does seem an obvious industry for SEO. But consider people now search for ‘ice cream delivery’, ‘popcorn recipes’ and so much more. Why not use SEO to connect directly to potential customers.

Did we miss any industry? Yes!

Every industry can benefit from SEO - the question is how can achieve success from organic search listings.

As a global SEO Consultancy for Challenger Brands, we bring 25 years experience in SEO to brands across most industries. Feel free to look at our site to learn more and contact us if you’d like to chat.

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How Important Are Backlinks For SEO in 2021?

Backlinks and SEO go hand-in-hand. After all, it is a tactic adopted by agencies, in-house marketers, and freelancers all over the globe. Yet, it remains one of the most time-consuming, and often unrewarding processes. We still see Google, and tools denote the value of backlinks. More so, we are here to outline the importance of a holistic SEO approach that welcomes link encouragement of quality links, rather than investing time in relentlessly chasing that golden link.

Are Backlinks Still An Important Part of Long Term SEO Success?

Since the dawn of the SEO era, emphasis has been placed on outreach. Securing backlinks via dedicated targeting and vetting of potential sites is still commonplace in organic search strategies. Yes it can be decent to acquire more backlinks, but link building is only one piece of the SEO puzzle.

For some time, search engines such as Google have placed a value on a site's backlink profile. This isn't new. But what could be new is the transition from link building to brand building. It is ever so easy for anyone to link to absolutely any site they wish. Which means all sorts of backlinks could connect to any domain. With a focus on a healthy backlink profile, obtaining fundamental and relevant links from authority sources still remains valued.

There's Backlinks, Then There's Backlinks...

Spammy, toxic backlinks exist like no tomorrow. Not matter how often you vet them or disavow a bunch of nasty links, more and more just keep on appearing. With harmful links left, right, and centre, we know these do not add value in search. High quality links to your website can be a good signal for SEO, which could add value. However, the traditional model for ‘link building’ is highly inefficient and requires many tedious hours of time with little or nothing to show.

We believe that link encouragement is a team effort that can be supported by quality content creation, strong PR and business partnerships. We have successfully achieved page one positions in key markets for a large volume of essential key terms with all our clients by adopting this tailored strategy.

The Escaping Gravity Way

Delivering successful strategies and implementations has been engraved in approach since our inception. With a specialty in providing SEO consultancy for challenger brands, we see our proven methods hit new heights across a range of some of today's most competitive verticals. For us, the sky is not the limit, but merely the first step to significant ROI and organic search growth.

Can SEO results be guaranteed?

Results from SEO cannot be guaranteed and should not be guaranteed.

Success with SEO comes from adopting the right SEO strategy, choosing the right keywords and managing all of the elements that impact site optimisation from backlinks to site speed.

With the right team and strategy results can be tracked and achieved. SEO has the potential to be a key profitable marketing channel.

Why SEO should not be Guaranteed

KPIs - The question of SEO guarantees would also rest on what the KPI(s) are defined for the guarantee. Promising the number of keywords in the top 100, or page 1 positions may deliver the right number, but the wrong keywords for your business. Guaranteeing revenue may ignore SEO best practice that puts your site or brand at risk.

Consumers - Organic Search listings, influenced by SEO. Our goal is to increase awareness of your brand in the search results and to encourage traffic and sales. In order to achieve this, we still need to think about how the brand is presented and how we communicate with potential customers.

Algorithms - Google doesn’t publish detailed algorithms. It is the skill of an SEO Consultancy to identify what are the key elements of SEO and ensure the site matches these. As these algorithms are likely to change (like the BERT update) it is important to adapt and change as we go along.

How Should We Approach SEO Results?

SEO can be an accountable practice. For our clients were define the KPIs as ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ metrics. The soft metrics are important ‘first steps;’ in SEO performance. Metrics like the number of keywords in the top 100, or on page 1 are useful indicators of presence but not a measure of sales or revenuer. The ‘hard metrics’ are the KPIs that really matter - sessions, transactions and revenue. With our client projects, we see the soft metrics move first, indicating early performance, which is followed by changes in hard metrics.

SEO Metrics

With regular reporting and constant client contact, we ensure all of our projects are created to achieve the best results they can achieve.

As a global SEO Consultancy for Challenger Brands, we bring 25 years experience in SEO to brands across most industries. Feel free to look at our site to learn more and contact us if you’d like to chat.

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