What is a Google Answer Box?

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Google Answer Box is an organic search result that provides an answer to a given question. Unlike a search result, the answer box will include text or data directly from a web page that looks to answer the query.

One of may answer boxes for our clients.

Answer boxes are often referred to as ‘Position Zero’ as they appear above the first search results on page 1. The webpage that appears in this position is thought to be the best answer to the question by Google. 

The answer boxes have been appearing in Google search results for a few years now but do not yet appear on every search. Google is constantly evolving to present the searcher with what it thinks are the best results. This could be an answer to a question, or facts about an important topic, Google answer boxes are becoming invaluable for acquiring traffic. 

Why is the Google Answer box important?

  • High CTR
  • Can acquire more traffic than top positions in SERPs
  • Boost brand visibility
  • Help establish topics authority

An answer box provides much greater ‘real estate’ on the Google search results page. This generally means mean greater visibility of your brand, even before someone clicks on your link.

These higher positions also include a ‘featured snippet’ of your content. Coupled with the greater visibility, this usually results in greater organic traffic to your site.

Google is citing the page, not just listing it. This means the page has gained credibility from the search engine which can only benefit the site and the quality of traffic it achieves.

Answer boxes and voice search:

With more and more people using voice search through their devices, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, position 0 is gaining importance as this is the answer Alexa, Siri, or Google will respond verbally with. If voice search is used on a device that has a screen it will then display a list of results, the answer box being the first one. So if the user then wants to find out more from what the answer box has provided, they may then switch to reading on their device and click on your website, gaining you new traffic and the potential for new conversions.

How do I get a Google answer box?

Google Answer boxes will only appear for select search queries. Your content therefore needs to be tailored around a question or provide information that can be used as an answer.

An answer box for our client Hearing Direct

Once you have the right content, you need to ensure Google can parse your data to identify the key answer or data within your page. Lists are a good starting point for structured content to display. You can also break up your content with ‘call and response’ tactics. Set up a question as a header within your page and provide a clear answer immediately after. This will help Google associate the question and answer.

Of course, achieving these boxes will be impossible if your wider SEO is not in check. From fast loading pages to regular updates and authoritative content, there are many additional elements to consider. 

How Escaping Gravity can help you achieve Google Answer Boxes

Escaping Gravity is an SEO Consultancy for challenger brands. Founded by two marketing experts, who, in 1999 co-founded, grew and exited one of the UK’s first digital marketing agencies. Our team collectively have over 25 years of experience in SEO and are focused with attention to detail.

We can help achieve answer boxes as part of a wider SEO strategy, like the examples shown above. Talk to us about our SEO consultancy and start answering Google’s questions.