What is the difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO?

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White hat and black hat SEO are terms used all the time within organic search conversations so it’s important to know what they mean. SEO refers to search engine optimisation and is the process of achieving rankings within search engines like Google. 

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is essentially search engine optimisation techniques and practices that are within Google’s terms of service, and don’t try to ‘cheat’ the system. This can include things like SEO copywriting and technical optimisations. You could describe this form of SEO as staying in Google’s good books!

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO on the other hand is very much against Google’s terms of service. It’s like cheating on a test, if you get caught you will be penalised. Black hat techniques could include putting keywords on a site in text that’s invisible to the eye, buying backlinks, and so much more! 

Why is Black Hat SEO Bad?

Black hat SEO is something you want to stay away from if you want to grow your organic search results. If a website uses these types of techniques to achieve higher rankings within search engines, it could ultimately be banned from Google which is something you don’t want when running an e-commerce business!

How Can I Use White Hat SEO to Benefit My Business?

Every industry can benefit from SEO. Using white hat seo techniques could help you achieve higher rankings within search engines for relevant SEO keywords for your business. This in turn can help reach KPIs such as sessions, conversions, and most importantly revenue. 

How We Can Help Your Business’ SEO

If you are serious about improving your website’s SEO in a healthy and organic way you may want to think about hiring an SEO consultancy. Escaping Gravity has over 25 years of experience in SEO and works with challenger brands to improve their organic search rankings, growing sessions, and revenue. We aim to achieve long term success so only use white hat SEO practices. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in launching your business to the next level.