How Important Are Backlinks For SEO in 2021?

Napkin with SEO keywords

Backlinks and SEO go hand-in-hand. After all, it is a tactic adopted by agencies, in-house marketers, and freelancers all over the globe. Yet, it remains one of the most time-consuming, and often unrewarding processes. We still see Google, and tools denote the value of backlinks. More so, we are here to outline the importance of a holistic SEO approach that welcomes link encouragement of quality links, rather than investing time in relentlessly chasing that golden link.

Are Backlinks Still An Important Part of Long Term SEO Success?

Since the dawn of the SEO era, emphasis has been placed on outreach. Securing backlinks via dedicated targeting and vetting of potential sites is still commonplace in organic search strategies. Yes it can be decent to acquire more backlinks, but link building is only one piece of the SEO puzzle.

For some time, search engines such as Google have placed a value on a site’s backlink profile. This isn’t new. But what could be new is the transition from link building to brand building. It is ever so easy for anyone to link to absolutely any site they wish. Which means all sorts of backlinks could connect to any domain. With a focus on a healthy backlink profile, obtaining fundamental and relevant links from authority sources still remains valued.

There’s Backlinks, Then There’s Backlinks…

Spammy, toxic backlinks exist like no tomorrow. Not matter how often you vet them or disavow a bunch of nasty links, more and more just keep on appearing. With harmful links left, right, and centre, we know these do not add value in search. High quality links to your website can be a good signal for SEO, which could add value. However, the traditional model for ‘link building’ is highly inefficient and requires many tedious hours of time with little or nothing to show.

We believe that link encouragement is a team effort that can be supported by quality content creation, strong PR and business partnerships. We have successfully achieved page one positions in key markets for a large volume of essential key terms with all our clients by adopting this tailored strategy.

The Escaping Gravity Way

Delivering successful strategies and implementations has been engraved in approach since our inception. With a specialty in providing SEO consultancy for challenger brands, we see our proven methods hit new heights across a range of some of today’s most competitive verticals. For us, the sky is not the limit, but merely the first step to significant ROI and organic search growth.