SEO for Challenger Brands

Organic search (SEO) on Google provides a valuable launch pad from which new, challenger brands in any sector can compete with more established names. With the right SEO strategy in place, a challenger can level the playing field and carve out market share from existing competitors. 

SEO Consultancy

We called our SEO consultancy Escaping Gravity because that is exactly what we enable our clients to realise in the competitive organic search marketplace on Google. 

Since 2019 we have been helping challenger brands navigate the complexities of SEO, creating a launch pad to get their businesses to the next level.

Using our highly tuned approach to SEO, we have engineered programmes to increase their visibility and sales, build new markets and encourage external investment in some of the most challenging global SEO environments. 

We bring a wide array of SEO skills to support the challenges faced by challenger brands all delivered through a consultative approach. Harnessing a combination of technical improvements, content engineering, link encouragement, up to the minute knowledge, we deliver the brand discoverability crucial to the challenger growth.

Our typical clients are UK based with a global outlook, seeking organic search growth in the UK, US and European markets. They will be well funded looking to take the next step of growth. 

Our successes include working with a meal kit retailer up to and beyond their acquisition by the world’s largest food & beverage retailer, and enabling one of the UK’s renowned affordable luxury jewellery brands to win investment from a leading quoted private asset growth investor.

As an SEO consultancy, not an agency, our focus is working with a prestigious group of ambitious brands providing them with a high level of experience, expertise and results to succeed.



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Significant Growth

Escaping Gravity built and executed our SEO strategy from nothing to achieving significant growth in traffic and sales, unlocking Organic Search as an acquisition channel. 

It was a pleasure to work with such an expert and client-caring team..”

KatKin a Pet Food Challenger Brand

Our Approach to SEO

Each SEO project we undertake is clearly defined, transparent and ‘white hat’. Our goal is to inform and empower you to understand the full potential of SEO as part of your marketing strategy. Talk to us and find out more.

Consulting with Inspirational Challenger Brands

We are proud to be working with these inspirational challenger brands, and more.