Boost Your Brand’s Travel SEO: Learn from Google’s City Guide Search Results

iphone user on red background looking at city guides

Organic search results are a complex mix of many different sources. Success with SEO in 2023 will require an understanding of how these search results are composed and what information sources are used to ensure brands are providing the right information, in the right sources, to ensure relevance and visibility. Consideration also needs to be given as to how the search results appear for mobile and desktop results. As Google is ‘mobile first’ we recommend matching that ‘mobile first’ focus in our SEO strategies.

What are the sources for Google City Searches? (February 2023)

City searches pull through a number of different sources, including data partners, like, trusted sources including Wikipedia and wider Google sources including maps, images and Google travel. The video, below, shows some of the key sources that make up the search result. We’ve chosen the French city of Nice for our demonstration. Type in Edinburgh, Paris, Tokyo – or most other major city to see similar results.

Walk Through video for the organic search results on Google. City Searches

Information sources for these city results include:

  • for Weather
  • Getting there from Google Maps/Google Flights
  • Maps from Google Maps
  • Excerpt is the equivalent of the answer box on desktop results
  • Images can be pulled from Google Business profiles/reviews or Google images
  • ‘Things to do’ is sourced from Google Business Profiles, with images sourced from relrevant GBP profiles, the ‘things to do’ section later down the page also comes from the same source. The actual results may appear different for each user depending on their Google profile and location plus an algoritim for popularity/frequency of mentions across the web.
  • Relevant Websites/Content. Google still wants valuable relevant and contextual content within it’s organic search results.

How can brands harness these Google search results?

Our insights highlight the multiple sources, and signals, that Google takes for the City search results. Where relevant, brands need to ensure their Google Business Profiles are fresh and relevant. Images, both on the website and in GBP profiles will also help. YouTube videos are also a popular method of gaining visibility within Google search results, and on the platform itself.

The brand website remains crucially important to a successful organic search presence. A well optimised website with fresh and relevant content offers a great base from which to connect the wider elements that make up a search result.

How we can help with your Travel SEO

We pour over 20 years of travel SEO experience into our client strategies. From the early days of SEO with airlines, car hire, cruises and cottages we understand how to connect the travel customer with organic search results. We believe there are 14 elements that make up a succesful SEO strategy, starting with the search intent and keyword choice. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about how we can support your Travel SEO.