How can Organic Search help with Brand Awareness and Discoverability in 2023?

brand awareness from organic search

Organic search positions are key to boosting brand awareness, and at Escaping Gravity, we know exactly how to harness the power of search to drive discoverability for businesses of all sizes. By connecting your brand with relevant searches, organic search positions help you appear against targeted searches for products, services, and more, not only on Google but also on Bing, Duck Duck Go, and other search engines.

Ranking high in organic search results can be seen as a trust metric for Google, and for consumers. If Google is seeking to showcase EEAT‘Expertise, Authority and Trust’ these valuable organic positions offer a shorthand for brand visibility and credibility. Here are some other considerations for using organic search for brand awareness and discoverability.

1 Featured snippets & answer boxes. As more consumers ask questions, these answer boxes provide valuable real estate – and the chance to answer the question even before someone clicks on your link. When your website appears in a featured snippet or answer box, it demonstrates to users that your brand is an authority in your industry. This can help increase brand awareness and trust with potential customers who may not have been previously familiar with your brand.

An example of a client answer box, connecting energy conscious consumers with an award winning butcher.

2 Local search results: Appearing in local search results for relevant keywords can help increase brand awareness, especially for local businesses. If harnessed right, local search, powered through Google Business Profiles, can appear in local search results alongside larger and more established brands, it can help level the playing field and make your brand more visible to potential customers in your area.

Local Search Results

3 Niche search results: What could be more valuable than a consumer feeling that the brand truly comprehends their needs and desires? Appearing in niche search results for specific topics or keywords relevant to your business can also help increase brand awareness from organic search. Sometimes a successful SEO strategy needs to focus less on searches per month or keyword difficulty and more on building connections with every potential customer.

4 Rich snippets: When your website appears in search engine results with rich snippets, such as star ratings, prices, or product information, it can help increase brand awareness and trust before any clicks or website visits.Rich snippets can help showcase your products or services and make your brand more visible and appealing to potential customers.

5 Social media profiles: Social media profiles often appear in search engine results for branded keywords. By optimising your social media profiles for search, you can help increase brand awareness and make it easier for potential customers to find your brand online.

How to measure brand visibility with organic search

Google search console provides impression data for any website. This data can be queried to focus on different markets, keywords or pages. By splitting out the impressions for ‘brand’ terms vs ‘non brand’ terms we can easily see the changes in organic search visibility.

We’d expect brand visibility to be influenced by more factors than just organic search, whereas ‘non brand’ visibility can be directly attributed to the website performance, the SEO strategy and implementation.

How can we help increase brand discoverability from organic search

At our SEO consultancy, we take a customer-centric approach to help our clients achieve success. Our first step is to deeply understand their target audience, their pain points and aspirations. We then carefully craft an optimisation strategy that connect web pages, such as product pages, blog posts, and collections, that are specifically tailored to provide the best solutions to those customer needs. This enables our clients to establish a strong and meaningful online presence, driving brand discoverability , engagement and ultimately, traffic and conversions.

Example of organic search brand visibility for a client in the food sector – Jan ’20 to ‘May ’22

Are you tired of feeling like your brand is invisible in a sea of competitors? Let us help you! At Escaping Gravity , we specialise in enhancing brand discoverability and have a proven track record of success with challenger brands just like yours. Get in touch today to start the conversation and take the first step towards greater brand visibility and success!