Can SEO results be guaranteed?

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Results from SEO cannot be guaranteed and should not be guaranteed.

Success with SEO comes from adopting the right SEO strategy, choosing the right keywords and managing all of the elements that impact site optimisation from backlinks to site speed.

With the right team and strategy results can be tracked and achieved. SEO has the potential to be a key profitable marketing channel.

Why SEO should not be Guaranteed

KPIs – The question of SEO guarantees would also rest on what the KPI(s) are defined for the guarantee. Promising the number of keywords in the top 100, or page 1 positions may deliver the right number, but the wrong keywords for your business. Guaranteeing revenue may ignore SEO best practice that puts your site or brand at risk.

Consumers – Organic Search listings, influenced by SEO. Our goal is to increase awareness of your brand in the search results and to encourage traffic and sales. In order to achieve this, we still need to think about how the brand is presented and how we communicate with potential customers.

Algorithms – Google doesn’t publish detailed algorithms. It is the skill of an SEO Consultancy to identify what are the key elements of SEO and ensure the site matches these. As these algorithms are likely to change (like the BERT update) it is important to adapt and change as we go along.

How Should We Approach SEO Results?

SEO can be an accountable practice. For our clients were define the KPIs as ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ metrics. The soft metrics are important ‘first steps;’ in SEO performance. Metrics like the number of keywords in the top 100, or on page 1 are useful indicators of presence but not a measure of sales or revenuer. The ‘hard metrics’ are the KPIs that really matter – sessions, transactions and revenue. With our client projects, we see the soft metrics move first, indicating early performance, which is followed by changes in hard metrics.

SEO Metrics

With regular reporting and constant client contact, we ensure all of our projects are created to achieve the best results they can achieve.

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