What do we mean by Escaping Gravity?

Young girl jumping in field

From Katherine, our co-founder and Chair.

This is Jamie’s and my third company together and at the very beginning, we needed to come up with a name for it.  We wanted to find something that conveyed the sheer momentum that had to be built up for your business to take off and the exhilaration you feel when you know it is really happening. We have always believed that there is a point when you know in your bones that your new venture is going to be a success. This can be six months, a year, two years or more in but when it happens its that rare moment, your gut instinct tells you that yes, your business is going to make it and is no longer a start-up.

It could be the first time a potential new client calls you from a recommendation, your first industry award, or the moment you beat your financial targets and need to hire more people. It feels different, it’s exciting, you walk just that little bit taller. To be fair, this doesn’t mean that things get any easier but it does mean that the business suddenly has a momentum of its own, and this continues even when you are involved in other things.

To me, businesses have always been organic entities. Like people, they have a unique DNA which means that you never quite know what they will grow into until you get there. They grow in phases, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. They are impacted by external forces such as the economy, competition, market forces. Also internal ones, most importantly the people you hire to join you on the journey and what they bring. For a business to lift off, takes a rare recipe of talent, experience, timing, risk and sometimes luck.

Escaping Gravity is a phrase Jamie and I used when we talked together about what it takes to succeed in business. However, it is also true of what we saw in our SEO Consultancy. It may take hours of work to get a client’s website to appear in the top 100 listings for a target search term on Google; weeks for it to get to Page 2 and months to get to Page 1. The trajectory in terms of search volume and sales can be rocket-like too.

However, the formula for getting there is not a function of mass, distance, velocity and gravitational pull but a blend of site structure, technical knowledge, keywords, copywriting and experience with the Google algorithm. SEO is not a quick fix, it’s a long-term investment and should be seen as an asset to a challenger brand rather than an ongoing cost. It also has a momentum of its own which will far outlast most other digital marketing channels.

So we decided on Escaping Gravity as the name for our new venture. We hope it conveys the excitement we feel when we help our clients rise up the search rankings to reach new audiences and claim bigger market share.

But it also describes the joy we experience in hiring great staff and seeing them grow their careers with us; and the satisfaction we feel in building our own brand beyond the launchpad of an idea, and into the universe.