How Google is using AI for Search in Early 2024

Google Gemini AI logo

As the dominant global search engine, how Google uses AI will influence consumer use and our corresponding SEO strategies.

For SEO success in 2024 it is crucial to understand how Google is integrating AI into its search algorithms, and what the future holds with developments like SGE (Search Generative Experience) and Gemini. These AI-driven innovations are set to transform how search results are generated and presented, making a profound impact on SEO strategies. 

Let’s explore how Google’s AI advancements are shaping the search landscape and what this means for the future of search Optimisation. 

Search Generative Experience (SGE): Transforming Search with AI 

SGE marks a significant step in enhancing Google’s search capabilities through  generative AI. This innovative approach restructures the traditional search results layout, offering users a more dynamic way to interact with their search queries.

SGE enables users to: 

  • Pose Complex and Descriptive Questions: Users can explore a broader spectrum of information with more intricate and nuanced queries. 
  • Swiftly Comprehend Key Aspects of Topics: SGE presents an overview of topics with links to detailed results, aiding in deeper exploration. 
  • Effortlessly Initiate and Complete Tasks: The platform aids in quickly starting tasks like writing drafts or generating images, directly within the search interface. 
  • Engage in Interactive Search Dialogues: SGE allows for conversational follow-ups and exploring suggested next steps, making the search process more interactive and seamless. 

SGE is an early but pivotal innovation in revolutionising search experiences with AI, offering a more engaging and user-centric approach to information discovery. 

The current presentation of SGE is fundamentally different from the current Google search results. However, we expect that elements of the SGE presentation will find their way into the current results presentation offering an evolution, not revolution of search presentation. 

Enhancing Understanding of Search Requests: Insights from Sundar Pichai 

In the context of the evolving capabilities of SGE, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet and Google, emphasised the transformative impact of this technology during the Google Q3 earnings call. He highlighted how SGE is unlocking a deeper understanding of search requests, stating: 

“SGE is not just about finding answers but about understanding queries in a more profound way. With this AI-driven approach, we are able to interpret and respond to a wider range of information needs. This includes handling complex queries that require synthesis from multiple sources and providing responses that offer diverse perspectives. It’s about evolving our search engine to be more intuitive and responsive to the ways people naturally seek information.” 

Pichai’s insights underscore the shift towards a more nuanced search experience, where the focus is on understanding the intent and context behind queries. This evolution is significant for SEO strategies, as it means optimising for a search engine that prioritises comprehension and relevance over mere keyword matching. 

SGE’s enhanced ability to interpret complex queries and provide comprehensive responses is a testament to Google’s commitment to advancing search technology. This advancement aligns with the broader trend of search engines becoming more sophisticated and user-centric, offering SEO professionals new opportunities and challenges in optimising content for better visibility and engagement. 

Google Gemini: A Multimodal AI Leap 

Google Gemini: A Multimodal AI Leap 

A quote from Jamie Riddell. If Chat GPT fired the starting gun for AI, Google just launched the rocket

Google Gemini stands as a multiformat AI platform, capable of processing and generating not just text, but images and other data types. This versatility positions it distinctively, especially when compared to text-only platforms like ChatGPT. Gemini’s multimodal nature allows for a more comprehensive and integrated approach to AI-driven tasks, spanning various data formats. ©2024 Copyright, This report and the contents of this document are the property of Escaping Gravity Ltd. Information and ideas in this report are provided in complete confidence & may not be forwarded to any third party without our prior consent. 15 

In December 2023 Google launched Gemini signalling a major shift in the ‘AI Wars’. It is too early to tell the real changes but we have been told to expect Gemini to filter into every aspect of Google’s business from directions to photos, search and a major update to SGE.

Implications for the Market and SEO Strategies 

Google’s strides in AI, exemplified by SGE and the anticipated Gemini, underscore a significant shift in the search landscape. These developments herald a future where search experiences are not just about retrieving information but also about understanding and interacting with it in a more nuanced manner. For SEO consultancies and digital marketers, this evolution demands a strategic reorientation.

It becomes imperative to understand and adapt to these AI-driven platforms, ensuring that content and SEO strategies are aligned with the new paradigms of search behaviour and technology.