How Google’s Helpful Content update will affect SEO in 2023

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In August 2022, Google rolled out the ‘Helpful Content‘ algorithm update. The update felt like a response to the growing AI content generated from popular tools like Jarvis and Open AI.

Google has stated, “The helpful content update aims to better reward content where visitors feel they’ve had a satisfying experience, while content that doesn’t meet a visitor’s expectations won’t perform as well.”

Much like the Core Web Vitals update, this change seems to focus more on user experience than simply words on a page. That means that content, expressly written for SEO first rather than consumer first, could see ranking changes as a result of this update.

Recently, Google has stated a distaste for AI written content that was created just to beat the algorithms, thin content, as well as fringe content that does not fit with the topic of the site.

This is another sign that Google is focusing on content quality and user experience in their ranking factors. Last year’s Core Web Vitals update focused on user experience, not just page speed for its ranking signal. It has also signalled an increased desire to present authoritative content with recognised experts on websites that demonstrate expertise in certain business areas of content topics.

All content engineered by our teams have that consumer first approach, but there is often content on client websites that no longer meet Google’s requirements and should be addressed.

What to consider with helpful content in 2023

All content on your website may impacted by the helpful content algorithm. It is therefore important to undertake a full content review to consider whether or not the content is still helpful. A quick check of GSC or GA may highlight pages that have declined in rankings or traffic that could be an indicator of potential problems.

For new content creation, brands should consider both what the consumer wants with their search, and what Google thinks the consumer wants. Successful rankings may answer the question, and support the visitor, more than match the keyword.

Consider your content plan for 2023, have you factored enough time to create right, engaging content? Have you got plans to successfully engineer the content to appeal to the consumer and to Google?

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