How SEO & Influencer Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand

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Influencer marketing has boomed as the digital landscape has shifted in recent years. The rise of social influencers, popular bloggers, podcasters & producers means the world is not shy of content. What we see is that this shift goes hand-in-hand with SEO content. That means there are plenty of benefits to be had…

What are the Benefits of Partnering With Influencers?

Influencer marketing benefits many digital channels. From SEO to social, online influence can bridge the gap of trust and authority. No longer are the dominant high street brands kings and queens of the internet. Challenger brands, SMEs, startups are taking over, becoming real power players on the web. For many of these, influencers have been a valuable ally.

Influencers Help Build Trust

Trustworthiness is becoming more paramount than ever before. Google loves a trusted source too! As we see in other channels such as on the television, adverts have been using celebrities for years. This is key in connecting the audience with the brand in which helps build trust with the consumer. It is the exact same with influencers.

Boost Brand Awareness

Brand SEO will be a key source of organic traffic. A brand search often sees a homepage rank page 1 in Google SERPs with a number of supporting brand pages in high positions such as the About Us page. Depending on the domain and its business model, a brand search may reveal a number of other domains which also rank well – this is often the case for FMCG or e-commerce sites with distribution models. With a high authority, highly influential blog or influencer website, they too may start to rank high for your brand. Hopefully they link back so you can get the added referral traffic from this extra brand visibility!

Acquire More Backlinks

An influencer’s website could be a coveted source of desirable backlinks. Even more so if they possess a high domain authority. If you work closely with a handful of micro or major influencers, you could start to build out a healthy backlink profile. The more relevant links you can get from a blog for example, the better shape this backline profile could become (something Google still very much likes to consider when ranking a site).

Present New Content Opportunities

As much as influencers can piggyback of a brand, a brand can also piggyback of them. More content focused around your influencer partnership unlocks more keywords, SEO copy, linking opportunities, & more ways to engage with your audience on other platforms & channels.

Successful SEO Starts Here

Launching a successful SEO strategy starts with Escaping Gravity. We are a Global SEO Consultancy that specialises in delivering significant ROI & organic search growth for challenger brands. Whether you are a brand new DTC e-commerce venture, a growing business, or a brand who is looking to inject some rocket fuel into their business goals, we are ready for your latest mission.