What Google’s new Helpful Content update could mean to your SERPS

Lady typing on a red laptop

Google has just announced a major new algorithm update that will start rolling out next week.Called the ‘helpful content update’, Google has restated its goal of ‘presenting original, helpful content written by people, for people, in search results’.

That means that content, expressly written for SEO first rather than consumer first, could see ranking changes as a result of this update.Recently, Google has stated a distaste for AI written content that was created just to beat the algorithms, thin content, as well as fringe content that does not fit with the topic of the site.

This is another sign that Google is focusing on content quality and user experience in their ranking factors. Last year’s Core Web Vitals update focused on user experience, not just page speed for its raining signal. It has also signalled an increased desire to present authoritative content with recognised experts on websites that demonstrate expertise in certain business areas of content topics.

All of our work at Escaping Gravity is focused around presenting the best possible website to Google, which includes consideration for EAT, content hubs, good CWV scores and, fundamentally, a consumer first approach.

As with any algorithm update, it may take a few weeks or even months to see the full impact of these changes and we will be monitoring the KPIs and keep our clients updated with any observations.