What industries need seo the most?

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Nearly every type of business can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO). Like any other form of marketing it will depend on the level of investment you put in, and the level of return you can get back out.

2020 has already shown us that high organic placements can deliver unprecedented brand awareness and traffic growth for almost all industries at the time of lockdown. (Travel could be a notable contrast to this pattern.)

For any product or service, someone is searching for what you offer. The trick is to match what people search for (the keywords) with your website.

With an effective SEO strategy in place, any business can increase brand awareness from search engine listings, and drive site traffic and associated revenues.

Here are some of the industries that could benefit from SEO


The rise in Direct to Consumer (DTC) retailing offers brands a chance to sell directly to the consumer. To connect with potential customers, retailers will need to create and maintain a successful SEO strategy.

The potential returns are a direct path between consumers searching, and retailers offering the matching products or services. Quite literally, direct to consumer.

Financial Services

As online banking and financial services become normal, so consumers will want to find new services or shop around for better deals and rates.

With potentially high cost per click for competitive terms including ‘loans’, organic search can offer a great potential to deliver cost-effective leads.

As Google starts to offer more answers to questions (instead of search results) so financial services have the chance to educate and inform future customers as they start their research.


At the time of writing, travel seems like the last industry that needs SEO. However, consumers have turned to search for support in cancelling or changing their travel plans.

Search demand for key terms like flights and holidays may be lower now but there are still intrepid searchers looking for cheap deals or making future travel plans. They will be searching for inspiration and information. Success with SEO could connect those searchers with travel brands that could forge long term relationships for when travel resumes.

Health & Fitness

In the UK, Search demand for home gym equipment, dumbbells and leggings rocketed as consumers started planning fitness routines at home during the lockdown. We also saw a leap in search demand for vitamin d.

These searches were not just for products but also for ideas and inspiration – how to stay healthy in lockdown, how to work out in your living room. Smart brands that capitalised on these search trends, by supporting consumers (not just selling to them) will have seen great value their SEO.

Pet Care & Pet Food

Like DTC retailers, pet food can now be bought online and delivered to your door. In the UK alone, the pet food industry was worth £2.7 in 2018. Consumers are searching for pet food, cat food, dry dog food and wet dog food as they look to keep their animals healthy.

SEO for the Pet Food Industry is another key opportunity to bridge the gap between consumer demand (search), brand awareness and traffic/revenue generation.


The FMCG industry does seem an obvious industry for SEO. But consider people now search for ‘ice cream delivery’, ‘popcorn recipes’ and so much more. Why not use SEO to connect directly to potential customers.

Did we miss any industry? Yes!

Every industry can benefit from SEO – the question is how can achieve success from organic search listings.

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