How your brand story could help with Organic Listings in 2023

Tell Your Story

The brand story is always an important one to tell. For most challenger brands this doesn’t get much further than the ‘about us/our story’ page on the website.

The reason is ‘Experience.’ At the end of 2022 Google updated their rater guidelines (effectively the list of what’s important to Google) to add ‘experience’ to their EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trust) requirements.

The addition of experience can be seen as a direct reaction to a potential unleashing of AI content from tools like Chat GPT. What Google now seeks is some form of ‘personal’ or relatable experience that demonstrates the content is not just created by an AI tool, or regurgitated from other online sources.

Anecdotally we are seeing a rise in search intent around, ’is it normal?/is it me?’ which could be a vital connection to the very reasons a brand was set up. This could be anything from the reasons why a gluten free bakery was created, why a different form of supplement was made or simply reaffirming that gap in the market.

Share your experience, tell your brand story

For challenger brands this means taking the ‘about us’ story and weaving it throughout the website. Take all of the reasons why the business was founded – all the pain points that led to the creation of the brand to ensure the greatest connection for Google and resonance for the audience.

As an SEO consultancy, our goal is always to connect a challenger brand to their potential audience through organic search. By weaving in stronger brand messages into commercial and editorial content, we look to offer challenger brands an edge on larger content websites that often dominate organic search results.

2023 looks to be another interesting year in SEO. The late 2022 release of Chat GPT, and recent moves from Bing show that AI could influence and confuse search results in equal measure. At the heart of any successful SEO strategy has to be the consumer – the one thing that hasn’t changed in 2023!