Is it time to check in with Bing?

Bing Logo 2023

Explore the power of Bing SEO in 2023 and beyond. In this article, we delve into the unique opportunities and challenges of optimizing for Bing, and how it can benefit your overall search strategy.

Do Google reviews help SEO in 2023?

Google Reviwer

In April 2022, Google My Business rebranded to become Google Business Profile (GBP). The rebrand firmly moved ‘my business’ away from just local business results to a much wider presence that could be relevant for almost all brands. As part of this shift, Google is now starting to consider review content (the words, not just […]

5 Reasons why Chat GPT can’t write your SEO content

AI Content Creator

Chat GPT is a new AI ‘tool’ from Open AI – the company behind Dall-e. Chat GPT will provide information in text form to any question you ask it. The more detailed a question, the more detailed an answer you get back. Jump to What is the AI Potential for SEO content? At first glance, […]